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OSDRC Meeting 11/29/2008
 Old business: 
        The club made the decision to go with 6 total judges for the 2010 NDS with Eric Mixdorf and Dave Hauser being the youth judges and Glen Carr, Erik Bengston, Scott Williamson and Bruce Ormsby being the open judges. 
New business:
        Danny Lape is stepping down as co-youth director and  Adam McGinnis will be taking his place with Becky Bogan remaining as co-youth director
        Steve Wilch will be taking over the OSDRC website
        Beth Oelker will be taking over the OSDRC Newsletter
        It was discussed and voted on to increase membership dues from $4 (husband & wife) $3 (single) $2 (youth) to $10 (husband & wife) $8 Single and $5 (youth) starting Jan 1, 2009.
        Election results Todd Uran President, Denny Kline VP, Joni Simmons S/T, Al Gerhart , Rick Billups, Kevin Hooper and Phil Lape directors.  Barb Kline will be transitioning the secretary treasure information over to Joni Simmons effective January 1, 2009. 
        Joni, Beth and I are looking into the cost of giving out awards to youth at our specialty shows instead of money.  
        I will be purchasing  mats for judges  for NDS (approximately $12X6 judges)
        I will be sending out a list of tasks for the 2010 NDS and asking for people to sign up
        Beth, Ron M, Sara, Shelley and Joni are looking into judging tables and table toppers for NDS.  We will need 24 so depending on what they find out we may be looking into building more.  If you have access to judging tables and toppers that are covered (both sides) then please let me know.  
        We are looking into moving our spring and fall shows to be in conjunction with all breed shows.  We are looking at having our spring show in conjunction with the Springfield show and the fall show with either the Zanesville show or the Medina show.  I am working with Shelly, Teri  and Beth on cost and other details and will let the members know as I find out more information.