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2015 Sweepstakes

Dutchman of the Year
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2015 OSDRC Sweepstakes

Shows Reported Thru 12-31-2015

PlaceOpen SweepstakesShowsPointsPlaceYouth SweepstakesShowsPoints
1Kevin Hooper870381Eli Okuley2510676
2Dr Victoria Spellmire2751102Angelina DiLiscia217485
3Beth Biester1946703Alexus Grecoe175949
4Allan Gerhart1744404Katie Kirk194358
5Lonnie & Michelle Harper1843615Danielle Hogan172647
6Scott & Rachel Braden627696Taylor Chattin142611
7Terri Bickelhaupt & Katie Habrat1922687Anna & Molly Paul92210
8Shelly Thompson2214808Megan & Mandy Burmeister6743
9Bryan & Oneda Lambert1210199Carter Comisford5600
10Kevin, Vicki, Becky Bogan340210Ethan Dickey4482
Black  Black  
1Dr Victoria Spellmire2518221Eli Okuley253691
2Lonnie & Michelle Harper1816822Angelina DiLiscia213061
3Allan Gerhart1610073Taylor Chattin11849
4Kevin Hooper89814Anna & Molly Paul9645
5Scott & Rachel Braden65005Alexus Grecoe16636
Blue  Blue  
1Scott & Rachel Braden616281Eli Okuley252628
2Dr Victoria Spellmire2716192Angelina DiLiscia212452
3Kevin Hooper85773Alexus Grecoe161423
4Lonnie & Michelle Harper165574Taylor Chattin12521
5Allan Gerhart145545Anna & Molly Paul8448
Chocolate  Chocolate  
1Beth Biester1918931Eli Okuley25955
2Kevin Hooper813022Alexus Grecoe17749
3Lonnie & Michelle Harper103873Anna & Molly Paul7335
4Shelly Thompson103414Taylor Chattin6115
5Katelynne Michael52565Katie Kirk10114
Tort  Tort  
1Kevin Hooper814031Eli Okuley251737
2Allan Gerhart1711072Alexus Grecoe13560
3Lonnie & Michelle Harper1810983Anna & Molly Paul7356
4Dr Victoria Spellmire2610444Katie Kirk10157
5Kayla Morris81305Ethan Dickey4127
Steel  Steel  
1Kevin Hooper810121Alexus Grecoe171445
2Allan Gerhart179502Danielle Hogan171330
3Shelly Thompson123323Angelina DiLiscia20407
4Kayla Morris81264Eli Okuley17268
5Dr Victoria Spellmire6685Taylor Chattin8188
Gray  Gray  
1Beth Biester1924241Katie Kirk193447
2Terri Bickelhaupt & Katie Habrat1920202Angelina DiLiscia211257
3Kevin Hooper811673Eli Okuley24908
4Shelly Thompson144694Taylor Chattin14754
5Allan Gerhart113475Alexus Grecoe15550
Chinchilla  Chinchilla  
1Bryan & Oneda Lambert103671None shown
1Kevin Hooper11861Danielle Hogan1433
2Allan Gerhart9612Alexus Grecoe1231
3Scott & Rachel Braden7873Eli Okuley1039
4Lonnie & Michelle Harper6274Angelina DiLiscia637
5Dr Victoria Spellmire6055Katie Kirk470
Rabbit of the YearTattoo Rabbit of the YearTattoo 
1Kevin HooperKC7264141Danielle HoganD11240
2Scott & Rachel BradenSB654142Alexus GrecoeAS10563
3Terri Bickelhaupt & Katie HabratKTCROL3803Alexus GrecoeS4174281
4Kevin HooperKB6223084Eli OkuleyELVIS267
5Beth BiesterB7483065Eli OkuleySG5228